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  It doesn’t matter if you’re new to growing your business online or if you’ve been doing it for a lot longer.

All that matters is you don’t have the business yet that you truly want.

It’s not profitable, you’re drowning in overwhelm, you’re exhausted from trying to figure it all out, you don’t have the time or money freedom you crave yet, you’re mired in the details so you’re not able to make strategic decisions to move forward… sound about right?

Let’s move you out of fear and frustration and into positive progress, especially if…

👉🏻 You’re feeling the loneliness of being out there all by yourself, behind your computer screen, trying to figure it all out on your own.

👉🏻 You’ve already tried to make your business work by cobbling together a little support from here and there, but you’re craving a place where the puzzle pieces are put together for you.

👉🏻 You’re experiencing some success but you’re concerned about continuing to make decisions without some level of ‘been there, done that’ expertise to back them up.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it longer,

Online Business Breakthrough School will walk you through
exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.

It’s a step-by-step, proven system to create and grow an online business in an easy and sustainable way
so you
can finally create the freedom and flexibility you dream of.

And now, I’ve amped it up with coaching, support and accountability inside the…

OBBS PLUS is perfect for you if…

😳 You don’t have an online business yet, and you’re not sure how to move forward, but you know that NOW is the critical time to go for it.

😳 You desperately want to create time and money freedom with a business that you love, but you need the step-by-step guidance to do so, since doing it on your own simply is not working.

😳 You know you need to focus on building your email list, creating content, and making offers that your market wants and is willing to pay for, but you have no idea how to do that the right way and you don’t have thousands to invest in Facebook ads or other outside services.

😳 You have an understanding of how to market your business online, but your efforts are scattered so your results are too, and you’re desperate for a way to streamline so you can create a sustainable and profitable online business asap.

😳 You need to take back your time and (re)design your business so it easily funds your desired lifestyle.

If you’re new to building your business online, or you’ve been struggling to do so for some time, getting your perfectly designed for you online business running smoothly and easily takes clarity and direction.

It takes a clear path and a plan.

If that’s what you’re looking for – you’re in the right place. 🙂

“Alicia’s Online Business Breakthrough School is excellent! The strategies, tactics, stories, and tips Alicia shares continue to help me strengthen my business’ foundation. She has a knack for simplifying the complex. As a result, I have increased confidence to build my online business!”

Karen “KG” Gardner

In a nutshell…

Online Business Breakthrough School PLUS includes practically everything I’ve created or will create within the next year for one ridiculous price. 🥳

This is your chance to get access to the Online Business Breakthrough School PLUS almost everything I offer now and everything I will offer within the next year inside my online shop to further support your online business growth and success at an incredibly deep discount!

OBBS PLUS  is a small group program that includes:

🎉 almost everything that’s in my All the Goodies Shop now (10 trainings and templates)

🎉 the additional 37+ trainings and templates that are being added about once a week

🎉  PLUS anything new I create and offer within the next year!


🎉  PLUS 10 Voxer Office Hours Days

🎉  PLUS 4 Brand-New Trainings (that YOU help choose!)

🎉  PLUS exclusive access to our private OBBS Plus Facebook Group

The (almost) part is that this offer does not include 1:1 with me (Private Voxer Hours or Dates, Strategic Consulting Day, etc) BUT it does include EVERYTHING else that’s in the shop now and everything else that’s coming over the next 12 months.

That means you get everything inside the Online Business Breakthrough School, plus the 10 trainings and templates already inside the shop, plus the 37+ that are being added, PLUS anything new I offer. Plus the Voxer Office Hours, 4 brand-new trainings, and exclusive access to our private OBB School Plus Facebook Group.

If purchased separately, the total fees of everything included in OBB School Plus would be $7078.

But with OBB School Plus, you’ll get it all for a fraction of the full price.

Before I joined Alicia’s Online Business Breakthrough School, I was really struggling with not knowing where to start with my new business. I had a very solid idea, years of experience in my field and tons of content ready to go, but I felt very overwhelmed and confused as to how to get it going. I truly needed someone who could give me step by step guidance, especially in the beginning.

The Online Business Breakthrough School is so detailed and it provides not only that guidance I need, but also personalized support along the way. I had this business idea for over a year and I’m so excited that I was finally able to actually get started and build momentum since I joined and I’m looking forward to seeing how much it will blossom.

Alicia’s knowledge and experience, combined with how much she cares about our individual growth and success, makes this a truly valuable investment and I would highly recommend her school to anyone who would want to follow the path of being a business owner.

Lucia Cintra

With Online Business Breakthrough School PLUS, you get…

Online Business Breakthrough System (online course)

You get immediate and full access to the updated Online Business Breakthrough course, which includes 4 Stages + 16 lessons, including transcripts, templates, worksheets, process flows and more.

30-Day Quick-Start Program

During your first 30 days, I’ll walk you through each Stage, one at time, once a week, so we can get you set up for success right from the start. 

12-Month Curriculum &
Take Action Guide

We’ll also be walking through the entire curriculum together with action steps to take, questions answered, check-ins for accountability and more to ensure your progress from where you are right now to where you want to be before the end of our program year.

10 Voxer Office Hours Dates

10 Voxer Office Hours dates between May 2023 – April 2024! These are your opportunities to get 1:1 coaching from me! (value of $350 each)

4 Brand-New Trainings

4 Brand-New Trainings between October 2023 – March 2024. These will be paid trainings but not for YOU! You get them for free – and you get to help choose the topics too! (value of $97 each)

OBBS PLUS Private Facebook Group

You’ll be invited inside our private Online Business Breakthrough School PLUS private Facebook group for ongoing support as you continue to grow your online business.

Enroll today for just…

Get Started Today
for Just


+ 11 payments of $84/mo

Join today for just


Full-Pay also Includes 1 60-minute
Private Voxer Coaching Session with me!

By the way, in case you don’t know me yet, I’m Alicia Forest, and I’ve had a very profitable and part-time online business since 2001.

I made my first $100k with less than 2k email subscribers and no social media contacts while only working about 15 hours a week.

Through 9/11, a recession (x2), two major personal health challenges, and a pandemic, I’ve built a multiple 6-figure business working for myself and from home, and I still only work less than part-time hours (and have for over 20 years).

I’ll walk you through how I’ve done that in the Online Business Breakthrough School PLUS!

This time-tested and proven online training is going to teach you EXACTLY what you need to know by following my super-easy step-by-step system that I’ve been honing and teaching to online entrepreneurs just like you since I first launched it in 2006.

Online Business Breakthrough School PLUS will fast-track your learning and growth, saving you years of wasted time, energy and money.

I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe, and I’d be delighted to teach you too.

Want EVEN more details?
Here’s exactly what you’ll find inside the Online Business Breakthrough School

You’ll learn how to get your online business going and growing and
how to create a life of financial freedom as I guide you through these 4 essential stages.

Stage 1: Shape

Your Message & Your Market

Discover What Your Unique Message Is & Who You Are Most Meant to Serve

If you’re stuck on figuring out who your perfect market is, I’ll give you 8 simple yet profound strategies that will help you define exactly who you’re most meant to serve.

There are people out there who can only hear your message from you.

Once you discover your market from the place of authenticity, the money flows more easily. 

And even if you already know who your market is, these exercises will help you further define it which will lead to even more success for you much more quickly.

I’ll teach you:

  • How answering one key question can unlock your business success.
  • How to craft a compelling introduction that begs the question, “Tell me more!”
  • How to identify your Ideal Client and Customer once and for all.
  • How to use your past as a springboard for figuring out your future.
  • How to revisit stifled or forgotten dreams to design your business around.
  • Two quick and dirty ways to define your market if you’re ready to just jump in.
  • The one critical question you need to ask your market.
  • How to find where your market hangs out, quickly and easily.
  • How to discover what your market is chomping at the bit to buy.
  • How to go deep into your Center of Authenticity to help you stand out in your market
  • How to create your unique message that clearly tells your market what you can do for them
  • The single best question you can answer for yourself to get crystal clear on your bigger and deeper message
  • A fun and authentic fill-in-the-blank template to answer that dreaded “So what do you do?” question
  • Why sharing your story supports all of your business growth efforts and how to easily write yours.

Once you’ve clarified your message and your market, everything you do in your business going forward will be SO much easier!

Then you’ll move on to Stage 2…

Before joining Alicia’s Online Business Breakthrough, I struggled with knowing what to do and when to do it. Alicia is like an Elder in the marketing field! Her templates and knowledge about everything online is a lifesaver. I have files on my laptop filled with Alicia’s know-how that I return to weekly.

Nancy Swisher


Stage 2: Share

Grow Your Audience – Plant Your Seeds

There are 2 critical components upon which every really successful online business stands:

#1. Your Lead Magnet

I’ll show you how to quickly and easily create a freebie – and all its components – that your market actually wants. This is a process you can rinse and repeat for as many lead magnets as you want.

#2. Your Landing Page (aka opt-in page)

I’ll teach you how to create a super-simple but very effective landing page (or makeover the one you have) so you can grow your email list of your ideal clients and customers today, (and how you can use this one technique to build out multiple pages that increase all your sales).

Even if you already have these two components in place, but especially if you don’t, I’ll show you how to create or makeover what you have so you’re actually attracting a lot more high quality visitors, consistently, while increasing your cash flow at the same time.

Here’s what else I’ll teach you:

  • How to create a high-converting opt-in page with my 5-point template
  • The super-simple way to use your opt-in to promote itself (you will LOVE this)
  • My personal flowchart that will show you precisely how to make your content continuously attract new people to your tribe
  • How to create a follow-up sequence that gently but effectively leads your subscribers to the offer that’s right for them with three copy-and-paste templates you can use right away
  • and how to put this process on rinse and repeat

Once you’ve got your Lead Magnet and your Landing Page in place, you’ll be able to grow your email list and your reach into your market on social media, and you’ll be gathering an audience that you’ll be able to help through your paid offers!

Then you’ll move on to Stage 3…


What I really like is how Alicia puts together valuable checklists, templates and guides you can quickly and easily customize to your own situation. It keeps you out of confusion, saves you a TON of time and energy and helps make being an online entrepreneur so much easier and more successful. Alicia is a trusted guide who helps you streamline your business.

Tami Gulland


I joined Alicia’s Online Business Breakthrough because before the pandemic, all my business was in person, and I needed help with getting my business online. The result was so much more than I could have imagined. I now have everything I need, plus connections with like-minded people I can call on. What I really like is Alicia’s grounded presence, tremendous knowledge, and quick and thorough responses to questions.

Eka Kapiotis


Stage 3: Shine

Grow Your Audience – Water Your Seeds

This is how I’ve been able to truly work less and make more –

You can’t make money with your business online if no one knows it exists. That’s why you need traffic – but not just any traffic. What you want is high quality, targeted traffic – your ideal client and customers.

I’ll teach you:


  • Today’s most effective (and easiest) ways to get loads of new visitors to your site who are interested in what you have to offer
  • My 5-point framework for creating one piece of high-value content that you can repurpose across all your platforms
  • How to make your main goal of social media be to attract people to join your email list
  • How to create your own keep-in-touch calendar so you stay top of mind with your audience
  • My brand-new and unique 4-part process for creating content the super-easy way and having a year’s worth at your fingertips

Content marketing sounds complex but it’s actually one of the most effective and and proven strategies to generate consistent traffic, grow your email list and ultimately increase sales.

In this stage, I’ll be sharing with you my Content Leverage Flow Sheets that makes it super-simple for you to take one article or blog post and re-purpose it in multiple ways systematically, which will help you to put much of your email list-building on auto-pilot.

This is in addition to all the proven strategies I teach you in Stage 2, so you’re certain to have all your list-building needs met.

At the end of this Stage, you’ll have your own customized list-building plan in place, and you stop worrying about getting in front of enough people to make your paid offers to!

Then you can move on to Stage 4…

After 17 years in business, you’d think I would have this nailed down. But I don’t! And when I’m struggling with stagnation in growing my business, building my list, or creating and marketing offers, Alicia is always there with support and creative ideas to get me moving forward again. My biggest result from working with Alicia for over a decade: Never giving up on myself or my ability to keep growing!

Lisa Braithwaite


Stage 4: Show

Create & Sell Your Core Content

I’ve guided hundreds of people through this process over the years, and it’s always a favorite in any virtual group or live workshop I lead.

What is your Core Content?

It’s the work you’re ALREADY doing with clients, packaged into a highly marketable, step-by-step system they’ll want to buy.

Inside OBBS, I literally walk you through creating your Core Content that will make all of your products and programs flow seamlessly from one to another, answering that “what do I create next?” question for you!

If you’re thinking you can’t create a system because every client is different, think again. EVERY service can be transformed into a simple, repeatable system clients will happily say YES to – yes, even yours.

In fact, this session was always one of the most popular at my live event because the attendees left with something tangible to offer their market right away!

I’m going to show you how to leverage your gifts, talent and know-how into lucrative, highly leveraged income streams, with a step-by-step formula for multiple stream success.

I’ll teach you:

  • How to stop selling your time and start selling your knowledge.
  • How to create your Core Content far more quickly that you think you can
  • How to create products and programs, from what you already know and package them into ebooks, ibooks, Kindles, ecourses, audios, webcasts, livestreams, videos, print books, membership programs, and so many other options.
  • How you can go from selling your first lower priced offerings to higher priced ones, in a way that increases your overall sales, all from your Core Content.

Creating my own Core Content is the secret-sauce of my success and has resulted in over $2 million in sales.

Once you’ve created your core content, it’s time to write your high-converting and authentic sales copy.

I’ve included a lesson that covers all the techniques you need to include to make your sales pages actually sell, in a simple 21-step framework to plug-and-play.

You’ll learn:

  • A simple template to follow that will make certain you include the critical components of a successful sales letter.
  • An easy formula for writing a compelling and engaging headline.
  • How to gather genuine testimonials to help build your credibility and increase your sales.
  • How to write enticing “reasons to buy” copy.
  • How to make a case for your price so your prospects turn into customers.
  • How to use psychological triggers like scarcity with integrity to increase sales.
  • What NOT to do so you don’t lose a sale.

This is when the rubber meets the road and you create and grow your income streams, sure and steady, by just following the steps one at a time.

And when you’re ready… (and that may be NOW 😉), you can jump into the PLUS trainings to take everything to the next level – I’ve done all the work for you!

I’ve been following Alicia Forest for years. I always knew I wanted to work with her at some point and the timing has been right now. It’s the last day of our Online Business Breakthrough and there definitely have been lots of breakthroughs.

One of the big ones was that I’ve struggled to create a signature system (core content) for years and just by doing the simple technique that we did, I have it really solid and clear.

Melissa Kitto


Before working with Alicia, if you had told me it was possible to write authentic sales copy, I would have scoffed. But I will never forget one of her exercises that led to me spending an afternoon with tears streaming down my face, pouring my heart onto a page to my clients about what I had created for them and why.

I didn’t know entrepreneurship could be like this, but Alicia showed me it can.

Jamie Ridler MA CPCC


And that’s just what we’ll cover inside the course!

Once you move through the 4 stages, I’ve got you covered
with all of your next-level needs and wants for each Stage!

The OBB School PLUS includes ALL of these trainings or templates too!

  • Daily Biz Progress Training & Template ($27)
  • 12 Steps to Highly Effective Emails ($9)
  • 4 Simple Steps to Warming Up a Cold Email List ($9)
  • 12 Ways to Create Cash Right Now ($9)
  • 5 Easy & Effective Ways to Seed Your Offer ($9)
  • 7-Part Autoresponder Series to Your First Sale to a New Buyer ($27)
  • 11 Steps to 11 Ways to Repurposing One Blog Post ($9)
  • Content Upgrade Ideas & Tips ($9)
  • 4 Common Email Responses Script ($9)
  • Lead Magnet Virtual Workshop ($97)
  • How To Write An Evergreen Nurture Sequence That Makes New Sales Every 90 Days ($97)
  • How To Create An Evergreen Webinar To Make More Sales Every Month ($97)
  • Preview Event Training & Template ($27)
  • Webinar Invite Script and Walkthrough ($9)
  • Promo Process Circles ($9)
  • Marketing Focus Worksheet ($9)
  • How to Gather Your Market’s Objections ($9)
  • Leverage Your Livestream ($27)
  • 3 Steps to Detox Your Inbox ($9)
  • 3 Easy Steps to Video Success ($9)
  • FB Lives: Best Practices, Tips and Tools ($9)
  • Consumable Content Framework ($9)
  • Monthly Content Calendar ($9)
  • 7 Easy & Effective Strategies to Move Prospects to Buyers ($27)
  • How To Create Easy Engagement On Social Media In 30 Minutes A Day ($97)
  • Lead With One Thing To Multiply Your Income & Impact ($9)
  • Ignite Your List Virtual Workshop ($197)
  • How To Do A High-Value/Low-Cost Giveaway To Grow Your Authority, Credibility And Email List ($97)
  • How To Reach More Of Your Perfect People Outside Of Your Current Circles ($97)
  • Create Your Instant Profit Funnel ($97)
  • How to Use AI to Create an Easy Sales Funnel ($47)
  • 30 Days Ramp Up To Your Offer to Make More Sales ($27)
  • How To Scale Faster Using Other People’s Audiences With Integrity ($27)
  • Easy Content Syndication ($27)
Stage 4: SHOW PLUS
  • Get Paid! Profitable Virtual Trainings ($197)
  • Love Your Launch Virtual Workshop ($197)
  • How to Design, Fill and Deliver Your Own Profitable VIP Days ($97)
  • How To Create An Easy Recurring Revenue Stream In 30 Days ($97)
  • How To Create Your First (Or Next) Core Content Online Course ($97)
  • Strategic Business Planning Virtual Retreat ($97)
  • How To Bring In $1k+ Per Month In Affiliate Income ($97)
  • Create Your Profit Progress Path ($97)
  • Create Your Centerpiece Content ($97)
  • Create Your Part-Time Master Plan ($97)
  • How To Hire The Right Virtual Assistant With Where You Are In Your Business Without Breaking The Bank ($27)
  • 3X3 Business Model Virtual Workshop ($197)

If you’re FINALLY ready to start and/or grow your online business
with much less struggle and a lot more ease,
I’d love to help you inside the

Online Business Breakthrough School PLUS!

Get Started Today
for Just


+ 11 payments of $84/mo

Join today for just


Full-Pay also Includes 1 60-minute
Private Voxer Coaching Session with me!

“Many online courses are filled with useless content, the instructors tend to make big promises but under-deliver, and then vanish after making the sale. However, Alicia Forest’s Online Business Breakthrough School is a refreshing change from that norm. Since joining, I have a newfound sense of clarity, and have successfully crafted a message for my target audience. What I appreciate about the School is that Alicia’s lessons are brief, yet filled with valuable insights and actionable steps that are easy to understand and implement!”

Ally Piper

I know you’re probably wondering…

“Alicia, why are you offering this at such a low investment when I see similar one year training and group coaching programs for $2k-12k everywhere?”

Because I don’t want anything to stand in the way of you finally getting your business online and making money for you and your family.

And I also know that when we don’t put at least a little skin in the game, we don’t show up to do the work required to turn things around.

But my goal is to make the Online Business Breakthrough School the #1 affordable & accessible online business training for service-based entrepreneurs available, and you can help me do that by enrolling today (and then telling your business friends too!). 🙂

Here’s what you get when you enroll today…

Get Started Today
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+ 11 payments of $84/mo

Join today for just


Full-Pay also Includes 1 60-minute
Private Voxer Coaching Session with me!

Everything you need to create and grow a business that’s built around what’s most important to you so you can live your LIFE is inside the Online Business Breakthrough School PLUS, and you’ll have my help every step of the way for 12 months.


Got questions? I’ve got answers!

Why such a low price?

Because I want this to be affordable and accessible so nothing stands in your way of creating YOUR profitable and part-time online business.

I hope you see that $997 is as affordable as I can make it for what’s included.

And by offering two payment options, I’m making it accessible. Full-Pay for those who prefer one payment and want to take advantage of the Private 60-minute Voxer Session with me.

Or you can choose the 12-pay – just $84 per month for 12 months – if that’s better for your budget. The total is $1008, so just $11 more than the full-pay amount, so I’m not penalizing you for choosing the payment plan by adding on the common 10% mark-up.

Choose whichever payment option works best for you at the ENROLL buttons on this page. If you’d like to send a check, email support@aliciaforest.com for details.

How long is OBB School PLUS?

The Online Business Breakthrough School PLUS program begins as soon as you join and ends on April 15, 2024.

Once I join, how long do I have access to the School and all the other content?

Once you enroll, you are a student in the School and have access to all of the content listed on this page and anything new I add within the program period for the life of the trainings/templates.

Once the program period ends (April 30, 2024), you will continue to have access to the trainings/templates that you had access to during the entire program period for the foreseeable future.

If I decide to retire any trainings/templates, you’ll have at least 30 days to access and download the materials to keep before we remove them.

Once the Online Business Breakthrough School PLUS 12-month program period ends, anything new I create and offer after that will not be included, as the program will have ended.

Will this be right for me?

Online Business Breakthrough School is right for you if you want to seriously simplify and streamline your online business so you can run it in part-time hours while still bringing in significant income. If that resonates, then join us!

If you’re new to online business, you’ll be able to set yourself up for success sooner by taking advantage of the Quick-Start and/or the 12-month Curriculum and Take Action Guide.

If you’re more seasoned, you’ll be able to clearly see where the bottlenecks are, what you can let go of, and how you can re-design things to give you more time in your life while still increasing your cash flow. You can shore up your foundation and make certain you have the fundamentals in place.

Will you offer this again?

No. This is a one-time offer and once enrollment closes, I will not be offering it again.

What's your refund policy?

Due to the heavily discounted rate and the digital nature of immediate access to the entire program and accompanying materials, there is a 7-day refund policy. You must email support@aliciaforest.com within 7 days of the purchase date to request a refund.

Please see our full terms & conditions here.

What is the Online Business Breakthrough School's Mission?

The Online Business Breakthrough School’s mission is to become the #1 affordable & accessible online training for new and emerging business owners who want to create a highly profitable business online in less than part-time hours.

A percentage of proceeds is donated annually to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Alicia’s father’s name.

Get Started Today
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+ 11 payments of $84/mo

Join today for just


Full-Pay also Includes 1 60-minute
Private Voxer Coaching Session with me!

This online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received, you will get an electronic receipt and further instructions within a few minutes.
All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

Questions? Happy to help! Email support@aliciaforest.com

Please see our full terms & conditions here.